Contra Costa County Probate Files

The Contra Costa County Historical Society has probate case files for many people who died in Contra Costa County from the 1850s into the 1970s. The case files are not necessarily complete; in fact, many are pieces of larger case files that would have been held in attorneys’ offices. The probate files were collected by Society founder Louis Stein and transferred to the Historical Society when our History Center was established in 1982.

We can provide copies of probate case files. Use our probate database page to search our database and determine if we have a file for the person whom you are researching. Some of our files may only contain two pages, and others have several hundred pages. When copying a probate file, our staff must take great care in pulling the file. Many pages in the older probate files – especially those from the 1800s – are deteriorating and must be handled delicately.

As of April 1, 2017, the price schedule below is for a copy of a probate file, for personal use (no reproducing, publishing, distributing, selling, or posting, in any format):


Charge Type: Amount
Service Charge $5.00
If Probate file is less than 30 pages long $0.50 per page
More than 30 pages long $1.00 per page

A charge of $3.00 is added for every 50 pages in the file if the order is mailed via US Postal Service. If you pick up the file at our History Center, or if the file is emailed to you, no shipping charges are added.

Note: California Sales Tax of 8.75% is applied to all orders shipped within California, regardless of method of delivery.



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